Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network Aegean-Levantine Ocean Forecasting
OPAM Group, Univestity of Athens

On-line Validation of ALERMO Forecasting System(1o/50)
FOR: 17-May-2022

Last 5 forecasting cycles comparison with Satellite SST Satellite SST (Last 7 days, used in assimilation cycle)
RMS difference in last 5 forecasting cycles*
*The above figure presents the rms difference between:
  • the last available satellite SST observations and
  • the predicted SST of the last 5 cycles of the ALERMO forecasting system (that include the observed data)
  • The number in the absisca denotes the forecasting day in each cycle (1-5).
  • Satellite SST data is being provided by the Gruppo di Oceanografia da Satellite (GOS):

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