Aegean Sea Research
University of Athens, Ocean Physics and Modelling Group
In collaboration with: Hellenic Center for Marine Research


November, 13, 2007: Redeployment of Profiling Float 2041, APEX 2041 current status

October, 10, 2006: Results from the project "Profiling Float Observations in the Aegean Sea". See: Short report

March, 1, 2006: Data from two more profiling floats (2620 and 2041) in the Aegean Sea are now available. See: University of Washington Aegean Profiling Float Web Page

February, 20, 2006: The second cruise in the framework of the project "Profiling Float Observations in the Aegean Sea" was carried out during February, 3-13, in the Aegean. See: Cruise Web Page

January, 20, 2006: Aegean/Levantine (ALERMO) ocean circulation forecast system tarted roducing daily 5-days forecasts. See: ALERMO Forecast Web Page