Aegean Sea Workshop
Rhodes,Greece, 8-10 October 2002

W. Roether (Un. Bremen) "The Aegean's role in the thermohaline circulation of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea in competition with the Adriatic"
D. Georgopoulos (NCMR) "Thermohaline structure and dynamics in the North Aegean Sea" (PPT)
A. Theoharis (NCMR) "Synthesis of water circulation and hydrography of the South Aegean Sea and interaction with adjacent regions" (PPT)
A. Lascaratos (Un. Athens)"Modelling the Aegean and Levantine basins" (PPT)
G. Kallos (Un. Athens)"Scales and patterns of atmospheric circulation in the northeastern Mediterranean - Marine Applications"
M. Spall (WHOI)"On the thermohaline circulation in marginal seas" (PDF)
E. Ozsoy (METU)"Bosphorus and Dardanelles exchange flow dynamics based on recent measurements and modelling" (PPT)
K. Nittis (NCMR)"Operational Monitoring and Forecasting in the Aegean Sea" (PPT)
J. Pullen (NRL)"COAMPS/NCOM simulations of the Eastern Mediterranean" (PPT)
(Movies 1, Movie 2, Movie 3)
I. Siokou-Frangou (NCMR)"Pelagic food web in the Aegean Sea" (PPT)
T.Oguz (METU)"Ecosystem characteristics of the Aegean Sea as a transitional system from oligotrophic Mediterranean to eutrophic Black Sea" (PPT)
G. Triantafyllou (IMBC)"Modelling the temporal and spatial variability of the Aegean-Levantine ecosystem" (PPT)
D. Olson (Un. Miami)"Circulation and mesoscale structure of flow in the Aegean Sea based on pilot drifter study" (PPT)
(Drifter Movie)