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Scientific research in coastal environments is of high priority and great significance for Greece, since they are highly stressed and vulnerable areas prone to degradation from direct human activities. Climate change associated phenomena – temperature and sea level rise, increased frequency of torrential rains and runoff – have adverse effects on the environmental status, at a biogeochemical level; they affect primary productivity and biodiversity, they disturb carbon and nutrients cycles, they intensify beach erosion, coastal inundation and flooding, mixing of fresh and marine waters, as well as depletion of transitional water bodies. Integrated inter-disciplinary research is necessary for the effective management of these areas. NKUA, responsible for the coastal zone component of HIMIOFOTS, enhances capacities towards integrated research and management of coastal environments and inland waters (beach fronts, river deltas, enclosed gulfs, lagoons and lakes), considering present human environmental pressures and climate change phenomena. The Laboratories of NKUA are fully equipped with infrastructure necessary for the monitoring of the coastal zone.