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Aegean Sea Research

By: University of Athens, Ocean Physics and Modelling Group
In collaboration with: Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Lagrangian Observations in the Aegean Sea

The OPAM group participates in research activites monitoring the sea water characteristics and circulation of the Aegean Sea and the adjacent basins. Traditional CTD surveys and observations using autonomous instruments are used for compiling an improved data base of the physical characteristics and the variability of the Aegean Sea. Historical and near real time lagrangian observations , and related studies in the region, are available on our website.

Aegean Sea Bibliography

The reference list on the Aegean Sea represents an initial effort to archive research papers and other bibliographic sources focussing on various aspects of oceanographic research in the region. Our aim is to improve and enrich it, in order to facilitate the resrach work of students and researchers.

Aegean Sea Workshop

On October 8-12, 2002 an Aegean Sea Workshop was held at the HCMR Hydrological Station of Rhodes (Greece), sponsored by the U.S. Office of Naval Research. The Workshop Report, Contact List and Presentations are availbale here.

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